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One (1) developer license for the User Access Toolkit.

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This is one (1) developer license for the User Access Toolkit from WireFlow.

Download toolkit from or from within VI Package Manager.

The toolkit from WireFlow allows an application to easily grant access to specific code in a LabVIEW application, depending on the currently active user. It supports user interactive authentication as well as by security tokens, i.e. login dialog, WF dongle (WF 2007 or WF 2008) or the WF Fingerprint reader (WF 2111).


In the configuration tool each user can be configured to use one or more of the authentication methods, allowing an application to mix authentications within one single configuration.

Users can be associated with one or more groups, where each group identifies additional features that is enabled for the group members.


At runtime the application checks if the current user is an administrator, if the user is member of a named group or if a specific feature is enabled.


  • Prevent unauthorized access to VIs, menus etc.
  • Support for different authentication control methods;
    • User-Password
    • WF Dongle
    • WF Fingerprint reader
  • Support headless user authentication
  • Support LabVIEW RealTime targets when  headless credentials are used.
  • Same interface for all types of authentications
  • AES-256 encryption of configuration data

Application areas

  • Headless login
  • User level restrictions
  • Feature control


LabVIEW version 2012 or greater.
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